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16 Nov 2018

November Newsletter

Fall is for Planting

You read right, fall is a great time for planting! In fact, it is the best time for hardy plants, such as trees and shrubs, to get in the ground, and here's a few reasons why.
Soil and Air Temperatures. Most hardy plants prefer milder temperatures over scorching heat, but at the same time need warm soil. The only time of year these conditions are present is during the fall. The temperatures have dropped but the soil is still warm from the summer sun.
Less Insect Pressure. Insects are less active during the fall than in the spring and summer causing less stress on the plant.
Head Start for Spring. Plants that have been placed in the fall have had all winter to root into the soil and can focus more on growth and flowering in the spring.
Drought Tolerance. Spending this extra time in the ground through the winter also helps with the ability to withstand a drought. The deeper more mature root system is a huge factor in the plant's good health during the hot, dry summer months.

Fall Leaves

The bulk of the leaves are falling this month and as usual we are busy performing leaf removals at many properties. Removing the leaves keeps them from piling up on the property and helps keep the landscape looking neat through the season. If you would like for us to remove the leaves from your property, give us a call to be scheduled.

Gutter Cleaning

One tedious chore that tends to become an issue every fall is cleaning gutters. With all the leaves falling it doesn't take long for your gutters to clog and spill over, making a mess and posing a more serious issue if you have underground drainage. DJS performs gutter cleaning and would love to take care of this chore for you this fall!

01 Nov 2018

November Plant of the Month

Cascade Falls Weeping Bald Cyprus

This deciduous conifer makes for a beautiful accent tree. It grows to twenty feet tall with a spread of twenty feet and has a low canopy of gracefully weeping branches. The leaves are narrow and bright green then turn a magnificent orange in the fall. The shaggy indian red bark also adds an interesting dimension to the landscape. This is an adaptable and low maintenance tree that can live up to 60 years or more. This a great addition to a landscape that will add beauty for years to come!