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14 Dec 2018

December Plant of the Month

Winterberry Holly

Winterberries are a deciduous shrub that can grow 6'-10' tall in an oval to rounded form. They require a male and a female plant to pollinate and the females will produce bright red, glossy berries in the winter months. These berries are a great source of winter food for birds making them an ideal choice in the landscape of a birdwatcher. Winterberries enjoy full sun to partial shade and are great for native plantings or fruit displays in the fall and winter. These plants can thrive in wet soil making them very useful in those landscape conditions. Two great varieties of winterberry that do well in our region are the female 'Winter Red' and its male pollinator 'Apollo'. Consider adding these wonderful shrubs to your landscape for some winter color and wildlife shows!

01 Nov 2018

November Plant of the Month

Cascade Falls Weeping Bald Cyprus

This deciduous conifer makes for a beautiful accent tree. It grows to twenty feet tall with a spread of twenty feet and has a low canopy of gracefully weeping branches. The leaves are narrow and bright green then turn a magnificent orange in the fall. The shaggy indian red bark also adds an interesting dimension to the landscape. This is an adaptable and low maintenance tree that can live up to 60 years or more. This a great addition to a landscape that will add beauty for years to come!

01 Oct 2018

October Plant of the Month

Japanese Maple - 'Sango Kaku'

The 'Sango Kaku' is a variety of Japanese maple that makes a bold statement. The feature that makes it so unique is the bright, almost florescent colors of its bark and leaves. The bark is a bright coral color that makes a striking contrast in the winter. The leaves start out bright green with a strong reddish tint that fades out as the leaves mature finally changing to a yellow-golden color in the fall. The 'Sango Kaku' stands out in all seasons and can be a beautiful focal point in a landscape.

03 Sep 2018

September Plant of the Month

American Beautyberry

The American Beautyberry is a deciduous shrub that typically grows to about four feet though it can reach heights of eight feet. This plant enjoys the sun and its light lavender-pink flowers appear from June to August. The real beauty of this plant is seen during the fall. The green foliage turns to a beautiful shade of yellowy green and purple fruit ripens around the stem. The fruit ripens for an extended period of time and as it is eaten by the birds it is replaced by new berries, meaning that the beauty of this shrub lasts all through the fall. This is an excellent option to bring fall color into your landscape!

01 Aug 2018

August Plant of the Month



Fire Light Hydrangea

This deciduous shrub bring lots of summer color growing to 6-8 feet tall and 4-6 feet wide and preforms great in full to partial sun. Its full flower heads bloom a creamy white and change to red in the fall. This Fire Light Hydrangea adds unique color to any landscape and can truly show off in the summer!

02 Jul 2018

July Plant Of The Month

Einstein 'Summersweet' Clethra

This intensely fragrant shrub gets its name from the feathery racemes that resemble Einstein's hair. This low maintenance Summersweet beckons to be the highlight of every garden. The deciduous shrub enjoys the sun and can grow to three to four feet in both width and height. It blooms white in the early summer to fall and has green foliage that takes on a golden brown hue when cooler weather arrives. If you are looking to add an interesting and beautiful highlight to any landscape, look no further than the Einstein 'Summersweet' Clethra!