Lawn Care

One of our goals as a landscape company is to ensure our customers have a lush, green lawn year-round. In order to accomplish this, we have designed a lawn care program that provides your lawn with the nutrients as well as the protection it needs to stay healthy.

Applications occur throughout the year and each one is applied at the optimal time to ensure the best results. Applications include fertilizer, lime, and pre- and post-emergent weed control. Fungicide can be added to the program to prevent and eliminate fungi growing in the yard.

This program used in tandem with our seeding and aeration in the fall has seen proven results over many years!

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If your are interested in taking your lawn to the next level and have the lawn you have always dreamed about, we would be honored to help make that a reality! Contact us today about our lawn care program.

For the Birds

One neat summer activity that is easy to enjoy from the comfort of your home is watching the ruby-throated hummingbirds that visit North Carolina every year to breed. These birds are attracted to a variety of flowers but can easily be brought to your yard by the placement of a feeder.

Placing the feeder by a window is a great way to view these birds while indoors, and all that is needed for the nectar is four parts water and one part white sugar.Through the placement of a feeder you can enjoy the beauty of wildlife in the comfort of home.

Poison Ivy

This summer as you spend time outdoors, be sure to watch for poison oak and poison ivy. These plants typically can be
identified with their "leaves of three" although some kinds of poison oak can have five, seven, or nine leaves per cluster. Poison ivy can be seen as ground cover, a shrub, or a vine; while poison oak is seen mostly as a shrub. These plants cause an allergic reaction to most people and result in a very itchy rash. Treatment can be found at your local pharmacy but avoiding these plants altogether makes life a little easier.